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Engineering, Design, Procurement...

Gafy Global Services Limited is an indigenous Nigerian Engineering and Technological company engaged in holistic engineering services covering planning, design, pipelines, civil construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructure and oil field support services. Delivering qualitative engineering solution to divers industries in divers locations is our culture. Our service delivery our clients the confidence to trust us with even their most demanding projects. We employ practical solutions utilizing tested and qualified professionals, cutting-edge technology and innovations without compromising safety; bearing in mind the utmost need to protect our environment. Gafy Global Services Limited renders Engineering, Procurement ,Construction and Procurement services creating an enabling environment for the economy and employment for the citizens.

We work closely with oil rig operators to optimize oil field services like pipeline maintenance, we render efficient and effective maintenance and technical procurement services to icrease efficiency and improve our clients' profit margin. We offer our clients the confidence that our products and services are based upon proper experience and technical merit as Gafy Global Services Limited employs crews of experienced analysts and field engineers with wealth of experience and the cutting edge technological tools for the best quality service delivery.

Our Services Include ...


Pipeline Construction Services

Gafy Global Services Limited is a Pipeline and Process Engineering firm, with expertise in Pipeline Construction, Pipeline Descaling, Pipeline Integrity Survey and Inspection. Our experience and competence have made us the firm of choice for pipeline construction and associated jobs. Pipelines are an indispensable part of the Oil and Gas extraction industry whose importance cannot be overated.

Well Head Maintenance

Gafy Global Services Limited's experience and technology make us one of the best in maintainance of Wellhead and Tree Assemblies for optimal productivity, safety and structural integrity. We efficiently manage maintenance including valve servicing, pressure testing, function testing and monitoring of general wellhead condition. Gafy Global Services handles emergency repairs professionally and ethically.

Technical Procurement Services

Gafy Global Services Limited specializes in complex and delicate procurement services that require timing and expertise. Our systems, processes and policies are guided by best systematic practice & standards. Our Procurement Teams superior customer service sets Gafy Global services apart from our competitors. Bespoke document management and total transparency make us the best in the field.


Electrical Engineering Services

For industrial, domestic or commercial electrical work, Gafy Global Services Limited is fully committed to professionally executed jobs while keeping a leash on costs. We carry out all aspects of electrical work, from design and consultation through to commissioning for clients in various sectors. Our eye for quality products and our dedication to excellent service delivery make us the electrical company of choice in Nigeria and the West african region.

Civil & Structural Engineering

We offer a full range of civil and structural engineering services and have experience with a wide range of projects. Gafy Global performs site planning and execution for industrial, commercial and residential projects from road design and construction, drainage and erosion control to homes and multi-storey buildings. Our designs and structures are future proof. We render structural condition assessments as well as retrofiting of existing structures.

Coating, Fabrication & Sandblasting

Gafy Global Services Limited is equipped with the right infrastructure, equipment and skilled personnel to undertake capital projects, or routine maintenance in coating, painting and sand blasting. Our experienced team is dedicated to producing blasting, metalization, coating and painting results that will meet or exceed your highest expectations. Our services include: Rust and Corrosion Control, Heavy Industrial Painting, Rust Encapsulation, Tank and Silo Painting, Pipe Coatings.